My girlfriend’s first time dogging

I was trying to get my girlfriend to try dogging for weeks yet she wasn’t interested regardless of how much I tried she wouldn’t budge, I’d been talking to a guy from work  about it as he previously experimented with it a few years ago and he enjoyed it especially as it involved slutty ladies he said he’d love to see my girl at it he’s always saying how attractive she is, if only he knew how much she dislike him hehe but it got me considering setting them up in a dogging situation

It had been a Friday evening she was out clubbing. I stayed . We had been texting she was saying how inebriated and naughty she was and I kept telling her I’ll pick her up and take her to the woods my girlfriend kept stating no then my girlfriend didn’t reply for 1/2 hour and I was about to go to bed when she text message saying “fuck it, I’m horny pick me up right now” my heart was beating so quick I straight away text messaged my work buddy simply on the off opportunity he’d be up for this I had no reply however , I was still confident he’d turn up

I actually picked Sarah up at the night club she was quite inebriated and looked whorry in her skin tight black gown that was quite short. My girlfriend hopped in and right away begun rubbing my cock. I got so hard. So we got to the dogging area where I stopped in the car park close to the fishing pond it was dark plus scary, I could not find any other vehicles she asked what next and I instructed her to suck my cock she chuckled and before I knew it Sarah was licking my helmet using her tongue, I began texting my pal just in case he was around, I told him I would get Sarah to stick her nice arse out the window and he should knock on the roof  two times to tell me it was him (that’s if anyone was about) 15 mins went yet still no text no one about by this time around Sarah was giving my tool the very best sucking and I could hear footsteps and somebody approached the car, Sarah’s arse was stuck  out the door set then I saw someone’s hands get Sarah’s skirt and pull it up above her arse my girlfriend stopped slurping briefly to tell me that she was anxious I told her she would be fine and she continued sucking my cock, after that came the two 2 taps which verified it had been my friend I was imagining if only Sarah knew who it had been.

He pulled Sarah’s knickers aside and got straight down then began eating Sarah’s wet pussy my girlfriend was grunting right away then she looked  at me & said her snatch was moist. I was soooo turned on I grabbed her head and pulled her back again on my penis making her deepthroat whilst her dripping wet cunt was being tongued. Sarah was really fired up so much so she could not concentrate deep throating then all of the sudden she cried “I’m cuming”

My pal had slid his firm dick in her dripping wet pussy  and started to push hard & fast the noise of my girlfriend’s bum slapping his stomach was a serious turn on. For 15 minutes solid my friend was screwing her making her orgasm and cum as she wanked & deep throated my tool We were striving so much not to shoot all over her face and then she cried even louder and said that he should ram his tool in her ass I couldn’t take any more and I exploded right over her face she ate the majority of it then carried on sucking by this time around my pal was moments away from coming himself. He started grunting loud as she groaned with pleasure as he filled her bum with sperm then pulled out tapped on the roof again and walked away…..