Dogging stories

My girlfriend’s first time dogging

I was trying to get my girlfriend to try dogging for weeks yet she wasn’t interested regardless of how much I tried she wouldn’t budge, I’d been talking to a guy from work  about it as he previously experimented with it a few years ago and he enjoyed it especially as it involved slutty ladies he said he’d love to see my girl at it he’s always saying how attractive she is, if only he knew …….. Carry on reading


On the road with Sarah

IT WAS obvious my Saturday afternoon watching football on the television was going by the wayside when Sarah came downstairs wearing her black mini skirt and pink bootlace top. I looked up at her from the sofa and saw her standing there, draped all seductively against the door jamb, her eyes heavy-lidded as she pouted at me……… Carry on reading

Emma goes dogging

The dressing-up and the drive out to the site there are the best moments for me. The build-up, the anticipation of what’s to come in the hours before we go dogging, that’s when I start to feel it. My tummy flutters whenever I stop and think about all the men and how horny they’ll be for me. My heart races and …. Carry on reading


The first time dogging

God, was I nervous that first time. I remember walking from the car to the bench, my stomach churning like a washing machine, legs trembling while I imagined them all staring at me. There were already six or seven cars in the secluded car park when we arrived, and one more pulled in behind me as I made that lonely walk…….. Carry on reading