Mainstream dogging films

These are not dogging porn films. These are mainstream films and documentaries that are in the main stream. You will often have to be a resident of the U.K to watch them. Wherever possible I will embed them on this site. But sometimes they will not be possible to embed on here and you will have to visit the TV stations online player (4OD for example)

Dogging A Love Story

Dan is introduced to the al fresco sex scene that is DOGGING. Encountering an array of weird and wonderful characters looking for their dubious highs, it soon becomes clear that the scene is ripe for an expose. Dropping his inhibitions in the name of research, Dan becomes a reluctant pawn on the car park circuit. The British only version has been removed from YouTube, so until someone posts it again, you have to have the Japanese sub tittles. Sorry

Dogging tales. April 4th 2013 Channel 4

This intimate and compelling True Stories film provides an insight into why men and women engage in or watch sexual activity in front of strangers in public areas, under the cover of darkness

Dogging Tales  on 4OD full movie


Documentary interview with a sexual adventuress – Dogging

Dogging explained by Balderdash & Piffle

An excerpt from the show “Balderdash & Piffle” explaining the origins of the word dogging


A funny dogging song by Aida