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There’s a circuit which includes the car park at Whipps Cross (behind the cafe), the back of a nearby school then out to the pond just past. Then theirs about three or four car parks in the woods on the road to Epping and a couple just off the road to Theydon Bois. Also there is High Beach! BUT! I was recently in Thetford Forest one Friday evening and there were three couples playing!

A few years ago I sat in the Whipps Cross car park late into the early hours and an odd couple came around a few times. Later that night I was out at the pond car park and I saw them again. She kept getting out of the car and going off into the woods while he sat in the car. Nobody else made a move. I thought I should go and see what was happening. I found her sat on a bench just sitting minding her own business. I walked up and asked if she minded me joining her and we made some kind of conversation. I noticed her man lurking behind, then she upped and went back to her car and that was that!

I was confused. Roll forward a week. same place, same thing happens. I decide they are just time wasters. An hour later I drive off and turn into a small car park with a lane down to another pond. Five minutes later a car comes in. Out she gets and walks down to the pond, followed by her man, who sits down out of sight. Just then the penny dropped!

I got out of my car, walked over to her. She asked me to get her tits out. I pulled her jacket open, then her blouse ripping the buttons and tearing the material. I roughly fondled her breasts and put my hand up her skirt. Her man walked up to us with his cock in hand and instructed me to use her as I wished. He told me she was very naughty and needed pulling into line. I grabbed her and forced her to stand in front of her man while I fingered her. He said, do what you want to her. I asked if she had been bad enough that I should force-ably fuck her and he told me to do as I pleased. I bent her forward towards him ripped her tights off then pushed my bare cock into her pussy. I fucked her for a minute or so then he took hold of her, pushed her to the ground and told her to masturbate. She masturbated in front of us both as we unleashed our cum all over her face, tits, pussy, clothes etc. It was everywhere. She came hard too. Join now for free, to contact these doggers