I’m from Ripon & I love meeting doggers

I'm from Ripon & I love meeting doggers

Hi im 30 used to swing and go dogging with my ex but now split. I’m from Ripon, looking for dogging spots I appreciate dogging couples for lots of group fun. Do you need a slut? and you’re happy to meet, then lets talk. I love meeting doggers. I was with my ex 9 years and we tried almost everything you could imagine so always willing to try new things. Text me what exactly you like so I can wear what you love, Our group knows many dogging places along with other men. I am 100% ready and have more pics if wanted. I can also chat on msn and skype. My best meeting up to now was when I had 5 men and I wanted more. We would genuinely like this ASAP Enjoy my pictures.Join now for free, to contact these doggers