Dogging couple looking for contacts in Scunthorpe Linconshire

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hello there, dirty couple here, love swinging and dogging. So you want to join us dogging? Well there are a few good places around Scunthorpe. I have had some good times meeting some people here, us being watched, watching couples and joining in at Twigmore woods car-park near Scunthorpe

But we are always looking for more places and contacts around Lincolnshire. happy to travel . Maybe you’re the kind who like a couple to put on a show as guys watch? Maybe you would like to have the watchers join in? Or maybe both. Either way I’m sure you should find a lot of action…once you sort out the men from the cock fun guys

We’ve had a couple of memorable nights from meeting other doggers on here. We now pre arrange everything due to and a few long dull nights of no action whatsoever. Before we pre arranged dogging meets it was a bit like fishing, sometimes your luck is in other time you draw a blank

One of the most memorable was a another dogging couple we met on here. The night a car pulled in Mortal Ash Hill lay-by near Scunthorpe. The lights went on inside the car, luckily I WAS FIRST THERE, as the driver’s window went down and a pair of black panties was handed to me. inside was a stark naked gorgeous lady

she got out of the a group of fellow doggers gathered and said…’what are all you naughty boys doing here?’  we soon new what we were doing as we groped her and she wanked and sucked us as we all came all over her god what a cum orgy she had. We have had other experiences, both together and me on my own with other wives. I would luv to share with you and maybe act out with you? Hope to hear from you. Join now for free, to contact these doggers