Dogging couple from Horsham west sussex seeks other doggers

dogging couple in west sussex

Me and my husband for around the past 5 years or so on and off, before we were married and had to meet outside. Us dogging honestly started by pure accident sitting quietly in a carpark in the middle of nowhere because we wanted to fuck. After a period of time I started noticing the same cars coming and going and genuinely not realizing what was happening! We presumed just other couples ( this was long before it came into the public eye ) My very first experience was one of those WOW moments that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, again one dark evening we had just finished work late and decided to go and meet quietly in the same spot again, it was very quiet with no one else about when a car pulled into the car park in Cook Road in the Holbrook area of Horsham and parked up fairly close to us. Within a few minuets there brake lights flashed on and off a few times something we had seen before but being naive had no idea about signals? then the interior light came on and we spotted a couple inside the car were naked and playing with each other. We sat and watched as this complete stranger nervously  got out of his car and walked towards them, the light stayed on and the window on the ladies side came open. This stranger walked right next to the window and view the most gorgeous lady naked and being fingered by her male partner, she reached out of the open window and made for his cock and then took out his cock, gently wanking him and  then sucking him, the feeling and buzz was totally amazing. I finished the evening watching them fuck and both men shooting cum all over her face.

I decided I really wanted that to happen to me. So After our first experience we was hooked on the buzz and spent long hours traveling around various dogging spots and carparks in Sussex and having lots of experiences with couples. lots of men, groups and even a few single ladies! Yes they do sometimes go

Once the whole scene became in the public view things have become very different now, we still travel around looking for that quiet spot and have been successful on various times although they are few and far between now, the carparks and regular spots seem to attract complete idiots now and guys who have no manners and definitely no idea! So you have to pre arrange it. We pre arrange a meet at least once a week and are always looking for new men, couples and single ladies. Join now for free, to contact these doggers