Dogging areas in Shropshire. Dogging couple need more!

As we spoke a little more and about other Doggers, those who have braved the weather etc,etc the conversation got around to one particular man we know. The lady and her husband was telling me how lucky this man was because the lady was giving him pleasure and he started saying “suck it bitch” the lady and her husband got real horny and she ended up fucking him in his car. Then again, I also absolutely hate when someone calls me things like baby, honey, sweetie, or similar. I probably hate the cute ones more than the derogatory ones! 😉 I was thinking Why can’t local councils just designate certain areas as ‘Dogging areas’, with BEWARE signs if need be, to protect the delicate amongst us. I mean, we already see ‘Dog Exercise’ areas – ‘No Swimming outside the flags’ – ‘Pick up and take away your garbage’ etc. Why not ‘Dogging area’? Unless it’s a morality thing!!! Join now for free, to contact these doggers