Couple I met on here and went to Epping Forest with

dogging wife in Epping Forest

I’m a frequent visitor to some of the better North London dogging  spots over the past 8 or so years & I have to say the heady days are not over! There remain some pockets of activity in some of the locations but nothing stunning in others. That said, I cannot call myself as experienced as some, as when I first started ‘popping out for the evening’ there were some real addicts around who couldn’t leave anything or anyone alone!

But, I want to recall a really nice evening I had about 2 months ago in Epping Forest. I turned up at a car park near a small lake. The car park was quite full with some people just leaving after a nice walk around the lake, and some arriving for an evenings fun. I got out of my car and spoke to a chap I sort of knew. He was pleased to tell me all the various car registrations and who was in them. As some action picked up across in one corner of the car park, he pointed out a car on the other side where a nice couple were sitting cautiously watching the shadows! I wondered over slowly and walked alongside their nearside door. They both watched nervously as I passed them by. Standing behind them now, I looked through the rear screen to see them exchange some words them I noticed him reach a hand across, then look back at me. I moved slowly to the side of the door again where she greeted me with a smile. I stood and watched for a few moments, my heart racing with teenage-like feelings in my crotch and a slight fear of being caught! Together, a heady mix! The couple began to play lightly at first. He caressed her breasts, she relaxed into her chair and closed her eyes. He undid her buttons and eased a tit out and thumbed her nipple very deliberately. He moved his hand under her skirt and raised it up to show her stocking tops and panties, which were white cotton. Within about two minutes he was pumping his fingers into her, she had her boots up on the dash and her legs wide open. Another man joined us but he was a prat and tried to reach through the window to touch her tit. He kept pestering her and asking her to show more.

Needless to say they packed up and all went quiet. I went to my car and pulled away out of the car park. I noticed a car behind me and after a while I let it pass. Believing it to be the couple, I followed the car to a new location deep in the forest where they parked and sat. I parked away from them but got the courage to take a walk over to them. I walked in front of the car at which point a small light came on inside. They took off where they left off. He went to town on her and before long this beautiful women with her incredibly sexy body was writhing all over the car as her probed her, licked her and sucked her! By now I had gotten very close to the window, with my cock at hand. I saw him nod towards me and she sat up from her chair and looked hard at my cock. The light went out. Nothing for at least two long minutes. I expected them to pull off. Then I heard the door open as he reached across, pushed the door open and introduced himself. He introduced his wife and we talked for the briefest moment until he said ‘ help yourself’!

I wasted no time getting to my knees and stroked my hands over her lovely legs. I took her shiny boots one at a time and licked them up and down, then I teased her stockinged legs with the lightest finger touch until I was at her white panties. I ran the back of my hand over her mound then over her tummy. I could feel her tension and nervousness, knowing she was doing this to please her man. With my hand on her tummy I used my other hand to lift the waistband of her panties as I slid my hand down to caress her pubic hair and pussy. He looked in heaven and she looked like a lady who’s touch-paper had been lit! I spent more than 20 minutes stroking and teasing her before finally pulling her panties to one side and diving my tongue straight to her now engorged clit.

He and me went to work on her as she writhed with pleasure. She had looked at and tried to touch my cock but had not been able to fully explore it. She reached to her husband and whispered in his ear and they took a moment to consider what she had asked. She reached into the glove-box and took out a condom. She looked me in the eyes and asked me to fuck her. I was taken aback somewhat, but she took me in her hand and rolled the condom onto my cock with her mouth. She turned around, buried her mouth onto his cock and presented me with her lovely pussy. I took her and pumped her for fully 15 minutes until I was incapable of holding back any more. I clasped myself, pulled out then told her to get on top of her husband and instructed him to finish her off. She was on him in a flash and they fucked as only a married couple can, completely in tune with each other. They came hard. I came hard too. Ive not seen them since, but am hoping to soon (You know who you are) But here is a pic of the collection she gave me that night. Join now for free, to contact these doggers