Bristol couple looking for dogging couples

bristol couple looking for doggers

Hi, me and my partner are also fairly new to the dogging scene. We’ve been all over Bristol looking for active dogging areas. We have found a few. Togg hill can be active Thursday nights seems to be good but on weekends can get over crowded and boy racers. The downs is active I have seen a few couples in the past two weeks. The a46 has some activity but is usually nice and quiet (1 or 2 Couples a few men and a few gay men) the barns by Togg hill are very discreet and only genuine doggers go here. I have been made aware of a new location along the portway but haven’t checked this one out yet. Aust can have a few people but we are not convinced we are looking in the correct area at Aust. Would love to know if you’re aware of any that we haven’t mentioned. Thanks. Join now for free, to contact these doggers